The Chef at Home

How exciting is it to have your very own chef at home?

Introducing the very suave, artistic, funny and talented chef: our very own cousin Melancia.

Some of her works are shown here. Hope to see many more. Amazing how she can your daily khaana look so special.


Lentil Rice with Grilled Chicken


Marble Cake

My sis will never stop baking :D:D

It was her birthday anyway and what more better way to reward a sweet tooth?


Marble Cake

Get the recipe on her own personal blog!

Shangri-la High Tea



How about a bit if pampering deluxe style tea? Just say “I’m hungry” at the Horizon Club, Shangri-la and enjoy the spread set before you.

I always wondered what the fuss was high tea was all about. Let’s put it simply…an unlimited array of comfort food, luxury style!

Available to all club guests between 3 p.m – 5 p.m only.


Assorted Nuts

Don’t forget to check out the butler service 😉


Too many items for a caption 🙂

Ikea Budget Meals


Breaded Fish Fillet in mushroom sauce & Mashed Potatoes

Hungry at Yas Island? Pop over to Ikea. The restaurant at the first floor guarantees to satisfy your pangs for under AED 30!

What’s amazing is the bottomless drinks and kid-friendly areas. Enjoy different meals everyday of the week from the self-service counter: vegetarian & non-vegetarian options.


Chocolate Cake

Jimmy’s Killer Prawns


Prawn & Calamari Platter @ Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

No they don’t kill! Scrumptious Seafood platters available at Jimmy’s Killer Prawns with excellent staff and wide range of preferences – fried / grilled. Located at Al Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi – this place is a must visit.

Non-Seafood platters are also available as well as drinks and desserts. Starting price is AED 60.00.

Valentine’s Simple goodies


Heart Shaped Almond Macaroons

Recipe :

2 egg whites
225 gms caster sugar
175 gms ground almonds
2-3 drops almond essence

1. Cover two baking trays with baking paper. Use a good one as these macaroons may stick after being baked. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celcius.
2. Whisk the egg whites in a large mixing bowl and gently fold in the sugar and ground almonds.Add 2-3 drops of almond essence and mix the batter.
3. Place batter in a large piping bag and pipe the biscuits in the desired shape.
4. Bake in a preheated oven, for 20-25 mins or till golden brown.
5. Transfer to a wire rack and leave to cool.

A recipe worth trying out….so much better than a bag of french fries!

Opera Cake


Opera Cake

The best opera cakes are available at La Brioche.

We enjoyed this seductive pastry at the branch located in Boutik Mall, Reem Island. Its an upcoming place and the next best hang out zone for shopaholics.

Sea Side Pattisserie


Dark Chocolate Cake

Yup they’re still there! I remember Sea Side Patisserie back to when I was a kid in Abu Dhabi, and dad would get these pastries for us on really rare or deserving occasions as they were the best in town – Tourist Club, Abu Dhabi. Must visit and try their other specialities too: croissants, biscuits, arabic sweets & the famous sweetened / colored almonds.

Brother’s Wedding


Christmas themed Wedding Cake

Sorry…I’ve been busy for over a month..but indeed I’ve tasted and enjoyed a lot of christmas goodies including a bit of this wedding cake…which was my cousin’s wedding during Christmas week in the beautiful and serene state of Goa. They just recently celebrated their one month’s wedding anniversary cute is that? Terence & Elizabeth…have a wonderful married life!


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